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Our Projects

Vehicle Tracking System

VTS is a cloud based application that monitor/track the vehicle/fleet movement using the latitude and longitude data received from GPS device installed on the vehicles.

  • 1. Locate current vehicle position in map
  • 2. Status about Running, Idle and Stopped vehicles
  • 3. Number of hours and Number of Km the vehicle ran in 24 hrs time as quick information
  • 4. Live Tracking of an vehicle
  • 5. Vehicle movement in past date up to three months
  • 6. Geo Fence Alarm and Report
  • 7. SOS Alarm and Report
  • 8. Over speed alarm and report
  • 9. Immobilizer - Vehicle ignition off through application
  • 10. Web, iOS and Android application

RFID based Asset Tracking System

This is basically ware house management system where package will be tagged using RFID. Once the package is tagged using RFID workflow like placing the packaging, inventory the package and delivering packages are automated

WareHouse Management Software Feature List

  • 1. RFID Tagging of individual package, palette and rack
  • 2. The package details are read into system by reading the RFID tag and package would be placed in designated place
  • 3. When there is shipment request, the package can be identified either using item type or RFID tag of rack
  • 4. When the packages are picked the shipment information will be updated on the system and correspondingly inventory list will be updated